Raw material vertical mill


Application:Cement electric power metallurgy chemical industry and etc.



Raw material vertical mill is an advanced grinding equipment designed and developed on the basis of extensive use of advanced technology at home and abroad combined with many years of experience in the production of vertical grinders.


The raw material is fed into the mill through the cutting chute and falls on the grinding plate. The raw material then flows to the grinding track where it is ground and finally under the action of centrifugal force moves to the outer edge of the grinding disc.
The crushed material goes up the roller mill shell under the action of hot air from the annular nozzle. The coarse particles return to the grinding track for regrinding and the fine particles go straight to the powder separator.
The fine material enters the rotor through the static blade of the powder separator. The function of the static blade is to make the material evenly distributed along the height direction of the rotor and at the same time rotate the mixture of the material and the air so that the material can be effectively pre-separated.
When the fine particle material is discharged from the powder separator through the rotor the coarse particle collides with the rotor is thrown along the direction of the static blade falls into the cone below the rotor and then returns to the grinding disc for regrinding.
The fineness of the product can be adjusted by changing the rotor speed.
The position of the static blade is adjusted during the debugging phase to optimize the running state.
    1.It can be used to grind all kinds of different materials.
    2.Small area and low unit energy consumption.
    3.The utility model has the advantages of simple adjustment rapid control reaction and strong dry grinding ability.
    4.Convenient maintenance (wear parts can be replaced without removing the mill) from start to stop low vibration low noise and strong adaptability.

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