Rod mill

Feed particle size:≤30 mm

Capacity:2-125 t/h

Applicable materials:Quartz stone gold ore iron ore pyrrhotite copper ore and etc.



Rod mill is a mill with steel rod as the grinding medium mainly used for rough grinding generally using wet overflow type can be used as a first class open circuit grinding;Especially suitable for brittle material used in production line with uniform particle size.

Rod mill is asynchronous motor through the gear reducer and small gear coupling turns around the big gear reduction directly driven rotary rotary barrel inner is equipped with the appropriate grinding medium - steel rods grinding medium under the action of centrifugal force and friction force to manufacture materials by feeding department continuously into the barrel inside are controlled by the movement of grinding medium crushing and the product through the power of the overflow and continuous feeding discharge outside for the next working procedures.
    1.Uniform product size
    When the material with coarse grains rises along the liner the rod mill makes fine materials pass through the seam which is also conducive to crushing the coarse grains and makes the coarse grains concentrated in the place where the grinding medium strikes. Therefore the product size of the rod mill is more uniform.
    2.The output particle size can be adjusted and the phenomenon of over crushing is less
    The particle size of the discharge can be changed through simple adjustment with built-in fineness control device and the discharge can be added with screening device. There are two checks to ensure that the unqualified products will not be mixed with the finished products.
    3.Large handling capacity and high yield
    In the process of grinding the grinding medium is in line contact with ore so it has certain selective grinding effect.Especially for coarse grinding the processing capacity of rod mill is much larger than that of ball mill of the same specification.

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