Slag ball mill


Applicable materials:metal ore mineral powder coal powder and etc.



Slag ball mill is the key equipment for crushing materials after they are broken.

Slag ball mill is made of high quality steel products and very durable and slag ball mill has a long service life high production of slag and slag fineness of the characteristics of large be applied to refractory material fertilizer ground construction cement industry and chemical industry etc suitable for all kinds of ores and other abrasive materials can also according to the nature of the material grinding process for different ways.
When material by slag grinding mill feed side hollow shaft into the cylinder body when the cylinder rotate grinding medium because of inertia and centrifugal force effect the effect of friction making it near the post on the cylinder liner was taken away by cylinder when was brought to a certain height when their own gravity is greater than the centrifugal force then falling mass ejection from the cylinder or roll due to the impact break ore in the process of slag ball mill rotating at the same time the grinding medium between the sliding movement is grinding effect on raw material after grinding the material through the hollow shaft neck.
    1.The discharging fineness of this machine can be automatically adjusted. Because there are two checks in the machine namely fineness control device and discharging can be checked by screening device the grinding materials will not be over-polished and unqualified products will not be mixed with finished products.
    2.Slag ball mill has low labor intensity short stop grinding time small vibration and low failure rate which does not affect the service life of reducer.
    3.Slag ball mill cylinder is equipped with grinding body cylinder body is made of steel plate steel lining plate and cylinder fixed grinding body can be used steel ball or steel section according to the size of grinding material to choose to meet different needs of users.

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