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Jiangsu lvssn cement news: AS the Cement production industry giant-Heidelberg Cement announced details of more asset divestment strategies this week. The company has solid its 50% stake in Ciment Quebec in Canada and a minority stake in a Syrian company, and a closed cement plant in Egypt will be sold. In addition, the company is working to divest its business in Ukraine. The total of these four transactions will bring the Group 150 million euros in revenue. The company’s chairman, Bernd Schaeffler, said the company expects to sell around 500 euros million in assets through 2018 and sell assets to 1.5 billion euros by the end of 2020.
Frist, the company said it was optimistic about its 2019 results due to limited energy cost inflation, improved weather in the US, improved Indonesian market, overall profit margin improvement measures and continued price increases in Europe. Its divestiture will be concentrated in three broad categories: non-core business, sluggish markets, and idle assets. The first part covers areas other than cement, aggregate and ready-mixed concrete, such as white cement and lime sand brick production; weaker countries or regions include Quebec in Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Syria and Canada. Idle assets include depleted mines and land.
The most obvious object of stripping is Heidelberg Cement’s two integrate plants and grinding plants in Georgia. In mid-2018, the company said it would close a kiln at the Rustavi plant and reduce the production of Dedoplitskaro limestone, using Iranian imports instead. Since then, due to the unstable political situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the company’s two majority-owned integrated factories in the Congo may be the target of consideration. However, once stabilized, potential long-term gains will offset this. Finally, some factories in Italy seem to be good targets.
The speech also pointed out that the EU Emissions Trading Scheme’s CO2 emission permit price has risen sharply, from around 5 euros/ton in 2017 to 20 euros/ton at the end of 2018. At the end of 2018, Heidelberg Cement’s Swedish subsidiary Cement said that due to rising environmental costs, the company is considering closing the Degerhamn plant. The group considers itself to be a technology leader in carbon reduction projects that can fight high carbon prices by integrating, shutting down capacity, increasing utilization, limiting exports and pricing. It will be interesting to see how environmental costs affect the asset integration of Heidelberg Cement.
Finally, Sasja Beslik, head of sustainable finance at Nordic Bank, wrote on Twitter that between 2011 and 2016, some cement companies had the most serious carbon dioxide emissions, and Heidelberg cement ranked 19th in Rafah. After Kiori and CRH. Of course, cement production will produce carbon dioxide, but it is unclear whether the MSCI data will take into account the large-scale expansion of these companies during this time. For example, Heidelberg Cement acquired Italian cement in 2016. Cement companies are not perfect, but sometimes there is no fairness.
Jiangsu lvsen cement believes that as the situation in the Middle East cools down, national reconstruction will be the most important task. The demand for cement will increase and more cement plants and production lines will be opened.

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