Performance analysis of cement stocks in 2019 and investment opportunities in 2020

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As of Dec. 31, 2019, there were 18 listed companies in Shanghai and shenzhen whose main business is cement manufacturing, including seven in shenzhen, 11 in Shanghai and 10 in Hong Kong, unchanged from last year.As of December 31, 2019, shenwan cement index surged 61.78% year on year, with the cement sector far outperforming the market.
       Why were cement stocks so strong last year?This paper firstly reviews the performance of cement stocks and related stocks in Shanghai and shenzhen in 2019, and then further analyzes the investment opportunities of cement stocks in 2020 for the reference of investors.
       A review of cement sector performance in 2019
1.1 A shares: cement sector outperformed the market for four consecutive years
1.1.1 industry sector VS marketIn 2019, the Shanghai composite index maintained an overall upward trend, rising from the low of 2465.29 in January to close to 3300. After a month's adjustment, it fell back below 3000 again. After that, it fluctuated at 3000 until the end of the year, and ended the whole year at 3050.124.By Dec. 31, 2019, the Shanghai composite index had risen 22.30% for the year.During the same period, shenwan cement manufacturing index up 61.78%, far outperforming the market.From 2016 to 2019, the cement sector outperformed the market for four consecutive years, the biggest annual rise since 2010.

Figure 1: the cement sector surged 61.78% this year, outperforming the market for four consecutive years

Source: cement big data

Quarter to see, except for the third quarter, cement plate are outperforming the market.Cement plate, the fourth quarter of outstanding performance, are substantially up, outperform the market.In the first quarter, despite the seasonal adjustment of cement prices, the capital market is heating up, and the previous period has fallen to a relatively low point, the Shanghai composite index rose 23.93% in the first quarter, cement plate up 32.05%;The second quarter market correction, down 3.62%, cement sector in the second quarter has a history of poor performance, but also a small rise of 2.33%, beating the market;In the third quarter, the market continued to fall, cement plate also fell 4.27%;In the fourth quarter, the demand into the peak season, cement prices began to pick up, and again hit a record high, cement plate in a short pause after continued to attack, up 25.06%, the market only rose 4.99%, cement plate far outperformed the market.

Table 1:1, the fourth quarter rose sharply, the second quarter, the third quarter shockSource: cement big data

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