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Equipment Manufacturing

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Product Introduce:

In Jiangsu Lvssn Research and Development Department, a significant input has been introduced to optimize our process technologies, core equipment manufacturing processes, new technology material and products to fit production line in different climate environments with various raw material conditions. Nowadays, Jiangsu Lvssn has successfully achieved our a number of patents to protect Lvssn talents’ innovations.
Jiangsu Lvssn’s equipment product covers the full range of the completed set of equipment in the dry type cement production lines in various capacities requirements from 500t/d to 10000t/d. Respectively, they are large vertical mills, roller machine, grate cooler machine system, various crushing machine, rotatory kilns,ball mills, preheater system,various dust-collective systems, dust separator, material piling and taking equipment.
 With our direct-owned manufacture base located in southern suburban of Nanjing, Jiangsu Lvssn has been able to guarantee our project’s excellent quality and project time management.

Service Scope:
  1. Equipment Designs and Development,
  2. Equipment Manufacture,
  3. Completed sets of equipment supply,
  4. non-standard parts manufacture 
  5. steel structure manufacture for civil engineering construction
  6. Development of automatic control system
  7. technical counseling and project development