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Outsourcing Production&Maintenance

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Product Introduce:

To ensure the normal operation and management of owners’ production line, Jiangsu Lvssn is able to be responsible for the completed production trusteeship management to serve our owners. This co-operation enables Jiangsu Lvssn to apply our professions, human resource, technical abilities and management experience to maximize production line’s potentials to run with high efficiency and to generate maximal social economic benefit.
Responsible for the whole cement production line’s mining quarrel
Responsible for procurement and management of raw material and other supplied material

Responsible for the production operational production and human resource allocation and management.
Responsible for management and maintenance of the production line’s equipment, spare parts supply and etc.

Responsible to deliver standard clinker and cement product to owners’ sales department.

Service Scope:
Technical Training for new-built production line’s production and management staff.

Commissioning work for new-built production line’s production to reach target capacity.
Technical support and counseling instruction for any production line’s errors and equipment potential failures
Technical support service from Lvssn’s on-site engineers and necessary thermal condition calibration
Accept authorized owner’s trusteeship, and be responsible to all production operation and management.