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Technical Upgrades and Modification

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Product Introduce:

Jiangsu Lvssn provide various services including professional production commissioning, repair services, technical diagnosis, equipment upgrades, imported spare parts’ localized manufacturing. Advanced technology method and measurements are taken to provide excellent technical support to ensure our project fulfil owner’s requirement and achieve great actual performance. On-line instruction service and site diagnosis are provided to solve any problems in the operation. Jiangsu Lvssn is good at professional analysis and diagnosis for burning system,grinding system’s modification.
Jiangsu Lvssn has summarized our abundant experience from a vast number of EPC and modification projects’ construction and management recording information, therefore our experts are able to offer accurate diagnosis service, thermal condition calibration,modification plan(design,equipment supply and erection, civil engineering  construction, commissioning and reaching targeted production capacity), project delivery, intelligent plant and other services.
Process System: Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Equipment System:
  • Crushing System
  • Homogenization System
  • Grinding System
  • Burning System
  • Storage and Delivery System
Service Scope:
Problem Solution:design customized solutions of production operational problems through our engineers’ site diagnosis.
Capacity-increasing and energy-saving Upgrades: to increase production capacity and energy-saving by modifying a single unit or system.
Equipment Upgrade: To Supply our clients international cutting edge technologies products, for example, the 4th generation cooling system, Unmanned Automatic Packing System, Pulverized Coal Weighting System and etc.
Eradicating NOx: to Apply latest ,practical and fast technology method for clients in accordance with Environmental requirements.Environmental Protection Upgrades: to supply our clients modification plan with latest technology and equipment, for example, using latest bag type dust collector to replace electrical dust collector, dust collecting plan for vehicle loading and etc.