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LVSSN GROUP Successful Export of Power Supply Units to Ethiopia

2024-01-25 08:29:32

LVSSN GROUP is pleased to announce the successful export of a batch of power supply units to our esteemed client in Ethiopia, providing them with a high-performance and reliable power solution.

Product Specifications:
Product Type: Power Supply Units (POWER SUPPLY 3-PHASE)
Input Voltage: 360-520VAC / 480...745 VDC
Output Voltage: 22-28V
Current: 10A

Sales Process:
LVSSN GROUP maintained close communication with the client to gain a deep understanding of their power requirements. We provided high-performance power supply units tailored to meet the client's needs, ensuring the product met technical standards and quality expectations in Ethiopia.
During negotiations, we offered competitive pricing and collaborated with the client to determine delivery times and logistics details. Additionally, we provided technical support to address any questions related to product usage and maintenance.

Key Success Factors:
Product Quality: LVSSN GROUP is committed to delivering high-quality products, ensuring that the power supply units meet the client's technical requirements and performance expectations.
Customer Customization: We customized the power supply units according to the client's requirements, meeting the unique demands of our Ethiopian client.
Timely Communication: Timely responses to client needs, providing prompt and transparent communication, ensured a clear understanding for the client regarding the product and delivery.

Client Feedback:
The client expressed satisfaction with LVSSN GROUP's power supply units, noting the stable and reliable performance of the product, completely fulfilling their power requirements. This successful transaction not only solidified the relationship with our Ethiopian client but also laid the foundation for future collaborations.

LVSSN GROUP will continue to dedicate efforts to providing high-quality power solutions, creating more value for our clients.

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