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Company Introduction
LVSSN GROUP is a company that focuses on providing various industrial supplies, including accessories, consumables, general equipment, and spare parts. It is also recognized as a leading global MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) industrial product cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform. The group is dedicated to digitally upgrading procurement management for major factories and corporate groups worldwide through the digitalization of the supply chain.
With years of continuous expansion and growth, LVSSN GROUP has established branch offices and supporting storage facilities in major Chinese cities such as Hong Kong, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Zhengzhou. Additionally, the group has set up technical support centers in multiple regions, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America, creating a broad and intensive service network.
Currently, LVSSN GROUP has formed stable and long-term partnerships with thousands of top manufacturing suppliers in China and engaged in in-depth cooperation with thousands of corporate clients globally, spanning over 50 countries and regions. This success is attributed to the group's strong technical capabilities, professional procurement team, efficient supply chain management system, and comprehensive after-sales service system, allowing for the provision of one-stop solutions to ensure the stability and growth of clients' production capacity and consolidate their competitive advantage in their respective industries.
LVSSN GROUP upholds the core principle of prioritizing customer needs, continually enhancing user experience through keen market insights and innovative service models. It actively promotes the development of industrial supplies procurement towards a more convenient and intelligent direction, contributing positively to the advancement and growth of the global industrial industry.
Nanjing Group
Nanjing Branch
Chengdu Branch
Zhengzhou Branch
LVSSN GROUP established Jiangsu Lvssn Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016, actively introduced excellent personnel and advanced technology from China's building materials industry, increased the investment in process technology, core equipment, new materials and new products, and formed proprietary technology, equipment, materials and products with independent intellectual property rights; In 2020, Lvssn Industrial Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and Lvssn Industrial Technology International Co., Ltd. Were successively established. Through the digital transformation capability of the whole chain, the export channels of China's traditional industrial supplies were reconstructed, and the cross-border platform of industrial spare parts was built. To provide domestic and foreign enterprises with a set of trading platform, digital tools, intelligent services in one comprehensive digital supply chain solutions; We have a sound warehousing and logistics system and an all-channel terminal service network. In order to quickly respond to customers' purchasing needs, we build a supply chain network and provide efficient and fast warehousing and logistics distribution to customers, partners and suppliers. LVSSN GROUP takes "Made in China export" as its orientation, making the export and delivery of Chinese industrial products transparent, efficient and low-cost, and making "made in China" accessible to the world.
Corporate Culture
Sell Chinese industrial products to the world
More transparent, more efficient, better business
Core values
Go all out for China's manufacturing exports
capacity to succeed
User first, Actively seek synergy and win-win
Development Strategy
The business scope covers dozens of countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Africa, Central Asia and so on. At present, LVSSN GROUP Has more than 10,000 foreign in-depth cooperation customers, and maintains long-term cooperative relationships with more than 20,000 domestic advanced manufacturing suppliers; LVSSN GROUP has a strong production and sales elite team, annual sales of 10 million dollars; From 2020, the company will advance focus on its strategic goals, take transnational B2B e-commerce as its global strategy, and further strengthen its dominant position in the industry by combining its brand operation and research and development capabilities.

Necessary Skills For Success
Keep improving
Make the product quality the first high standard and strict requirements, continue to reflect and improve, set the goal, and never give up.
Steady rising
Stabilize process technology and strengthen quality awareness Continuously train the workforce and promote the spirit of craftsmen
Weekly process technology, management improvement seminar Provide users with products that are 3 times more valuable
Climb peak
The pursuit of quality is regarded as life Solve problems and pain points in time without fear of difficulties Product upgrade without limit
Exceed expect
Guaranteed results
Give users a sense of surprise and introduce Make users repeat purchases
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