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LVSSN GROUP Successful Export of Low Voltage Capacitor Fuse Bases to Iraq

2024-01-19 09:40:54

LVSSN GROUP is pleased to announce the successful export of a batch of high-quality Low Voltage Capacitor Fuse Bases to our valued client in Iraq, providing a reliable solution for their power equipment needs.

Product Specifications:
Product Type: Low Voltage Capacitor Fuse Base
Voltage: 690 Volts
Rated Current: 160 Amps
Rated Voltage: DC 250W

Sales Process:
LVSSN GROUP established a close working relationship with the client, gaining a detailed understanding of their power requirements. Through thorough communication, we provided Low Voltage Capacitor Fuse Bases that met the client's specifications, ensuring compliance with relevant standards in Iraq.
During negotiations, we offered competitive pricing and collaborated with the client to determine delivery times and transportation details. Technical support was also provided to address any concerns the client had regarding the performance and installation of the products.

Key Success Factors:
Product Quality: LVSSN GROUP is committed to delivering high-quality products, ensuring that the Low Voltage Capacitor Fuse Bases meet the client's technical and quality standards.
Customer Relations: Building a relationship based on mutual trust, we understood and fulfilled the client's unique power equipment requirements, providing tailored solutions.
Comprehensive Service: From product selection to delivery, LVSSN GROUP offered a full range of services, including technical support and after-sales service, ensuring client satisfaction with the products.

Client Feedback:
The client expressed satisfaction with LVSSN GROUP's Low Voltage Capacitor Fuse Bases, noting their stable and reliable performance, meeting their expectations. This successful transaction solidified the partnership between both parties, laying a strong foundation for future collaboration.

LVSSN GROUP will continue to focus on delivering high-quality products and excellent service, contributing to the development of the power equipment sector in collaboration with clients.

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