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LVSSN GROUP Exports UPS to Ethiopia

2024-01-21 09:03:28

The client in Ethiopia faced challenges with power instability in their business operations. Seeking to ensure the reliable operation of critical equipment, they turned to LVSSN GROUP for professional solutions.

Product Details:
Product Type: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Capacity: 6-10 KVA
Output: 220 VAC, single phase, +N+PE, 50 Hz
Input: 380 VAC, three-phase, +N+PE, 50 Hz, 25A Max
Bypass Input: 220 VAC, single phase, +N+PE, 50 Hz, 40A
Battery: 240 VDC *20A Max

LVSSN GROUP provided a customized UPS solution to meet the client's unique power supply requirements. Our UPS system, with high capacity, ensures a reliable backup power source during power interruptions, guaranteeing continuous equipment operation.

Key Features:
Capacity and Output: High capacity of 6-10 KVA, with 220 VAC single-phase output, meeting the power requirements of the client's equipment.
Input Voltage Adaptation: Three-phase input at 380 VAC, ensuring the UPS system can adapt to the local power grid.
Bypass Functionality: Single-phase input at 220 VAC allows the system to flexibly switch to the backup power source, ensuring continuous operation under any circumstances.
Battery Backup: High-capacity 240 VDC battery, providing a maximum of 20A, offering ample backup power for the equipment.

Sales Process:
Needs Analysis: In-depth discussions with the client to understand their business operations and specific power requirements.
Customized Solution: Tailored UPS system based on client needs, ensuring stable power support for their equipment at all times.
Delivery and Training: Timely delivery of the UPS system with training sessions to ensure the client's staff can operate and maintain the system correctly.
After-Sales Service: Comprehensive after-sales service, including regular checks, maintenance, and remote technical support, to ensure the stable operation of the UPS system.

Client Feedback:
The client expressed satisfaction with the provided UPS system. Their business is no longer affected by power fluctuations, and equipment operation has become more reliable.

LVSSN GROUP is committed to providing efficient and reliable power solutions to clients. We look forward to serving more clients with high-quality services in the future.

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