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LVSSN GROUP Successfully Exports Gearboxes to UAE

2024-01-26 08:36:50

LVSSN GROUP is pleased to announce the successful export of a batch of gearboxes to our esteemed client in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), providing an efficient solution for the operation of partial rotary valves and special valves, including dampers and smoke dampers.

Product Specifications:
Product Type: Gearbox (Lever Gear)
Application: Designed for the operation of partial rotary valves and special valves, including dampers such as wind dampers and smoke dampers
Operating Type: Short-time operation S2 - 15 minutes (open/close operation) and momentary/positioning, intermittent duty cycle S4 - 25% (adjustment bronze duty cycle only)
Operation Methods: Manual operation through a handwheel, motor operation (electric multi-turn actuator)
Swing Angle: 0° to 190° or multiple turns
Feature: No mechanical stops

Sales Process:
LVSSN GROUP maintained close communication with the client, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements for valve operation systems. We provided gearboxes that met their application needs, ensuring compatibility with relevant standards in the UAE.
During negotiations, we provided detailed technical specifications and flexible customization options. Collaborative discussions were held with the client to determine appropriate delivery times, and necessary technical support was offered to ensure the correct usage and maintenance of the product.

Key Success Factors:
Product Adaptability: LVSSN GROUP's gearboxes fully met the client's requirements for the operation of partial rotary valves and special valves, including wind dampers and smoke dampers.
Customization Options: We provided flexible customization options based on the client's operational requirements, ensuring the product perfectly aligned with their expectations.
Technical Support: Comprehensive technical support was provided, addressing any questions the client had during product usage and maintenance, enhancing their confidence in the product.

Client Feedback:
The client expressed satisfaction with LVSSN GROUP's gearboxes, acknowledging their efficiency and reliability in meeting the unique requirements of valve operation. This successful transaction not only strengthened our collaboration with the UAE client but also laid a solid foundation for future projects.

LVSSN GROUP will continue to provide excellent products and services, offering reliable solutions to clients and expanding collaboration opportunities in the international market.

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