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LVSSN GROUP Successfully Exported a Humidifier to a Tanzanian Client

2024-03-28 08:30:36

Client Profile:
LVSSN GROUP is thrilled to announce the successful export of a high-quality humidifier to a distinguished client in Tanzania. This transaction signifies our remarkable achievements in providing advanced industrial equipment and deepening our cooperation with Tanzanian clients.

Product Description:
Humidifier (Care Box Humidifier):
Rated Voltage: AC220V
Rated Frequency: 50HZ
Rated Power: 55W
Water Tank Capacity: 75L
Maximum Atomization Volume: 0.40L/h
Negative Ion Concentration: 18000/cm
Continuous Usage for 18 hours after one full water refill

Features and Advantages:
Efficient Humidification: The powerful atomization system generates a large amount of mist rapidly, effectively improving air humidity and providing a comfortable indoor environment.
Large Capacity Water Tank: With a water tank capacity of 75 liters, continuous humidification for an extended period is ensured without the need for frequent refills, enhancing convenience.
Negative Ion Release: High-concentration negative ions contribute to air purification, enhancing air quality and promoting health.
Long-lasting Usage: Continuous usage for 18 hours after one full water refill ensures stability and reliability, meeting the demand for sustained humidification.

Solution and Value Proposition:
LVSSN GROUP's humidifier offers a comprehensive solution for environmental improvement for Tanzanian clients:
Enhanced Indoor Air Quality: Efficient humidification and negative ion release help purify the air, creating a fresh and healthy indoor environment.
Cost Savings: The large capacity water tank and long-lasting usage feature reduce maintenance costs, improve efficiency, and save resources.
Increased Productivity: Providing stable and continuous humidification improves the comfort of the working environment, thereby enhancing productivity.

Customer Satisfaction:
Our Tanzanian client expresses high satisfaction with the humidifier provided by LVSSN GROUP, appreciating its quality and performance. They look forward to continuing cooperation with us in the future to further enhance their working and living environments.

LVSSN GROUP will continue to uphold the principles of excellence and professional service, consistently providing innovative and efficient industrial equipment and solutions to our clients. The successful export of the humidifier to our Tanzanian client underscores our leading position and competitive strength in the international market. We look forward to collaborating with more clients to create better working and living environments together.

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