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Cone Crusher

2024-04-25 16:13:19

Overview: The cone crusher is a commonly used equipment for crushing ores and processing granular materials. Its operation principle is based on the application of pressure and shear forces to materials inside the conical crushing chamber. Below is the typical working principle of a cone crusher:
Feeding: Raw materials enter the crushing chamber of the cone crusher through the feed inlet.
Compression: When raw materials enter the crushing chamber, the conical crushing head of the cone crusher begins to rotate. The raw materials are compressed inside the conical crushing chamber, resulting in higher pressure on the materials.
Crushing: Inside the cone crusher, raw materials are subjected to pressure from the conical crushing head and the crushing wall, gradually breaking down into smaller particles.
Discharge: The crushed particles are discharged from the bottom outlet of the crushing chamber.
Technical Advantages:
1. High crushing ratio and high production efficiency.
2. Low consumption of vulnerable parts and low operating costs.
3. Laminated crushing, excellent particle shape of the finished product.
4. Pressure protection and hydraulic clearing cavity, high degree of automation, reduced downtime.
5. Thin oil lubrication, reliable and advanced, prolonging service life.
6. Various crushing chamber types, flexible application, strong adaptability.
7. Easy maintenance and convenient operation.
Summary: In conclusion, the cone crusher utilizes the rotation and compression inside the conical crushing chamber to crush the raw materials into the required particle size. It is an advanced hydraulic crusher with high power, high crushing ratio, and high productivity. Suitable for fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing of hard rocks, ores, slag, refractory materials, etc.


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