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2024-05-15 15:49:07

Overview:A preheater utilizes the flue gases in the tailpipe of the boiler to preheat the air entering the boiler to a certain temperature through internal heat dissipation fins. It is used to enhance the heat exchange performance of the boiler and reduce energy consumption.The following is the working principle and process of the preheater:
Working Principle:
1.The preheater is designed to preheat raw materials before they enter the kiln using the hot gases from the kiln. This process improves thermal efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.
2.Raw materials are fed into the preheater and move down through the system due to gravity.
3.As the raw materials descend, they are heated by the rising hot gases from the kiln. The heat exchange between the raw materials and the gases preheats the materials and cools the gases.
4.The preheated materials are then fed into the rotary kiln for further processing.
Feed Input: Raw materials are introduced into the preheater through the feed chute.
Cyclones: The preheater typically consists of several cyclone stages. As the raw materials pass through each cyclone, they are separated from the gases. The cyclones help in achieving efficient heat transfer.
Heat Exchange: Hot gases from the kiln rise through the preheater and transfer their heat to the descending raw materials.
Material Descent: The raw materials move downward through the preheater stages, getting progressively hotter as they approach the kiln.
Exit to Kiln: Once the materials reach the desired temperature, they exit the preheater and enter the kiln for the calcination process.
Summary:The preheater improves energy efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, and enhances the overall performance of the cement production process.


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