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Cause of belt machine failure

2024-06-07 15:38:58

Overview: Conveyor belts (also known as belt conveyors) are widely used in industrial production, but various issues can arise during their operation. Common conveyor belt problems and their causes include:
1. Belt Misalignment:
- Improper Installation: Misaligned pulleys or drums cause the belt to run off-track.
- Uneven Belt Tension: Uneven tension can lead to belt misalignment.
- Uneven Load Distribution: Uneven distribution of material on the belt creates imbalance.
2. Belt Slippage:
- Insufficient Tension: Lack of adequate belt tension causes slippage.
- Belt Wear: Worn belt surfaces reduce friction, leading to slippage.
- Slippery Pulley Surface: Smooth or oily pulley surfaces can cause the belt to slip.
3. Belt Breakage:
- Overloading: Prolonged overloading leads to excessive fatigue and breakage.
- Belt Aging: Material aging reduces the belt's strength.
- Foreign Object Damage: Sharp or hard objects can damage the belt.
4. Pulley or Roller Malfunction:
- Bearing Failure: Lack of lubrication or worn bearings prevent pulleys or rollers from rotating properly.
- Jammed Rollers: Jammed rollers can cause excessive belt wear.
5. Motor or Gearbox Issues:
- Overload: Prolonged overloading causes the motor or gearbox to overheat or burn out.
- Poor Lubrication: Insufficient or degraded lubrication accelerates gear wear.
6. Material Accumulation:
- Poor Discharge: Material accumulation at discharge points increases the belt load.
- Material Spillage: Spillage along the belt sides or bottom increases wear.
7. Environmental Factors:
- Extreme Temperatures: Very high or low temperatures affect belt elasticity and strength.
- Humidity and Chemical Corrosion: High humidity or corrosive environments accelerate belt and equipment aging.
Summary:To prevent conveyor belt problems, regular inspections and maintenance are essential. This includes adjusting belt tension, removing foreign objects, lubricating bearings and pulleys, and checking motor and gearbox conditions. Additionally, using the equipment properly and avoiding overloading can effectively reduce the occurrence of faults.


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