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Two-Stage Crusher Solution for Ethiopian Cement Company

2023-11-22 14:55:53

Client Background: An Ethiopian cement company, aiming to optimize its production efficiency and meet increasing demand, required reliable and high-capacity crushing equipment to process various raw materials for their cement production.
Client's Need: The client sought equipment capable of handling diverse materials such as limestone, basalt, gypsum, and pumice. They required a crushing solution with a capacity of 350 t/h, capable of handling materials with a bulk density ranging from 1.5 to 2t/m3, a moisture content of up to 10%, and a content of soil between 10-20%. Additionally, the feed size needed to be equal to or less than 1000mm, producing a product size of <75mm (95%).
Solution Offered: Understanding the specific requirements and the need for flexibility, our company proposed a comprehensive solution that included a Jaw Crusher Wheel-Type Mobile Crushing Station and a Impact Crusher Wheel-Type Mobile Crushing Station.

Equipment Specifications:

  • Jaw Crusher Wheel-Type Mobile Crushing Station:

Voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50Hz
Total Power: 201.5KW
Dimensions: 4980mm x 2070mm x 1180mm
Production Capacity: 300-550t/h
Main Shaft Rotation Speed: 750r/min
Maximum Feed Size: 800mm
Maximum Permissible Moisture in Feed: < 10%
Hopper Size: 4900mm x 1300mm

  • Impact Crusher Wheel-Type Mobile Crushing Station:

Voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50Hz
Total Power: 383KW
Production Capacity: 300-350t/h
Dimensions: Length x Width x Height 3150mm x 2760mm x 2690mm
Main Shaft Rotation Speed: 530r/min
Maximum Feed Size: 500mm
Feed Inlet Size: 1700mm x 1050mm

Benefits of the Solution:
Versatility: Both the Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher Wheel-Type Stations are designed to handle a variety of materials, enabling the processing of limestone, basalt, gypsum, and pumice efficiently.
High Capacity: With a system capacity of 35-400t/h, the crushers can meet the client's demand for a processing capacity of 350 t/h.
Adaptability to Variable Conditions: Able to accommodate varying bulk densities (1.5-2t/m3), moisture levels (up to 10%), and content of soil (10-20%).
Precision in Product Sizing: Ensures the production of the desired product size (<75mm at 95% efficiency) meeting the specific requirements for cement production.

Conclusion: Our proposed solution of a Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher Wheel-Type Mobile Crushing Stations perfectly aligns with the client's specifications, providing a reliable, high-capacity, and adaptable crushing solution tailored to their raw material processing needs for cement production.

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