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Overhead-type Side Scraper Feeder

2024-04-27 09:20:01

Overview:The side scraper feeder is a relatively small-capacity non-standard custom equipment, capable of traversing material piles and scraping various bulk materials such as limestone, sandstone, raw coal, etc, accumulated in the material bin, achieving the technological equipment for material storage.The working principle of the "Overhead-type Side Scraper Feeder" involves several key components and processes:
1.Overhead Positioning:The feeder is positioned above the material to be collected or transported, typically utilizing an overhead rail or track system for support and movement.
2.Side Scraper Mechanism: A scraper mechanism is employed on the side of the feeder, facing the material to be collected. This scraper is usually equipped with durable blades or paddles designed to effectively scrape and gather the material.
3.Movement Control:The scraper mechanism is controlled to move along the side of the material container or conveyor system. This movement can be powered by motors or manual operation, depending on the specific design of the feeder.
4.Material Collection: As the scraper moves along the side of the material container or conveyor, it collects the material through scraping action. The gathered material adheres to the blades or paddles of the scraper and is gradually accumulated.
5.Discharge:Once a sufficient amount of material is collected, the scraper mechanism discharges it at the desired location. This can involve transferring the material to another conveyor belt, chute, or processing equipment for further handling or processing.
6.Repeat Operation:The process repeats as needed to continuously feed or transport the material from the source to the desired destination.
Summary:Overall, the overhead-type side scraper feeder operates by utilizing a scraper mechanism to collect material from the side of a container or conveyor system, providing efficient and controlled material feeding in various industrial applications.


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