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Vertical roller mill

2024-05-07 18:23:03

Overview: Vertical roller mill referred to as vertical mill, a kind of cement raw material, cement clinker, slag and cinder grinding processing, has the characteristics of simple structure, low manufacturing and use cost. The following is an introduction to the working principle of the vertical roller mill:
Working principle: The material enters the mill evenly through the locking air feeding system and falls on the center of the rotating mill disk. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves from the center of the mill to the edge. When the material passes through the annular groove on the grinding disc in the process of moving, it is rolled by the rotating grinding roller, so as to achieve crushing. The pulverized material is picked up by high-speed air flow at the edge of the mill, while the large particle material falls directly onto the mill for re-grinding. When the material in the air flow passes through the separator, the coarse powder falls from the cone to the mill plate for re-grinding, while the fine powder comes out of the mill with the air flow and is collected by the dust collection device as a product. The material containing moisture is dried during contact with the hot air flow to ensure that the moisture content of the final product meets the requirements. By adjusting the hot air temperature and separator Settings, the needs of materials with different humidity can be met, and the required product moisture and thickness can be achieved.
Performance characteristics: Vertical roller mill mainly studied the influence of grinding disc and roller curvature on grinding capacity and unit power consumption, in order to determine the best grinding curvature. The structure analysis and calculation are carried out under static and dynamic load for the large parts such as the grinding disc seat and the pressure frame, and the section size of the pressure frame is optimized to find out the best shape of the stress distribution on the grinding disc seat, which is conducive to the pouring process, and the influence of thermal stress is fully considered. It has the characteristics of uniform particles and advanced production technology.
Summary: In short, the vertical roller mill realizes the efficient grinding of the material through the grinding and crushing of the material on the mill plate, as well as the drying and powder selection process of the material. It has obvious advantages and wide application fields, and plays a significant role in improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption.


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