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Bucket-wheel reclaimers

2024-05-10 09:01:39

Overview: Bucket-wheel reclaimer is an efficient equipment for continuous loading and unloading of bulk materials in modern industrial applications. It is widely used in material retrieval operations in bulk material storage yards such as ports, docks, steel plants, cement plants, coal storage yards, power plants, etc. (for ores, coal, coke, and aggregates). Below is the assembly process and working principle of the bucket-wheel reclaimer:
Assembly Process:
1. Foundation Preparation: The first step involves preparing the foundation for the bucket-wheel reclaimer, ensuring stability and proper alignment.
2. Component Installation: Components such as the main frame, bucket wheel, buckets, boom, and conveyor system are assembled according to the manufacturer's instructions.
3.Electrical and Mechanical Integration: Electrical wiring and mechanical connections are made to ensure all components work together seamlessly.
4. Testing and Calibration: Once assembled, the reclaimer undergoes testing and calibration to ensure proper functionality and alignment.
Working Principle:
1. Material Retrieval: The bucket-wheel reclaimer is positioned over the stockpile of material to be reclaimed, typically bulk materials like coal, ore, or minerals.
2. Bucket-wheel Rotation: The bucket wheel, equipped with numerous buckets, rotates on a horizontal axis. As it rotates, the buckets scoop up the material from the stockpile.
3. Material Discharge: As the buckets are filled, they carry the material along the conveyor system, which transports it to the desired location for further processing or storage.
4. Continuous Operation: The reclaimer operates continuously, reclaiming material from the stockpile at a steady rate, ensuring a consistent supply for downstream processes.
5. Adjustable Operation: The speed of the bucket-wheel rotation and the movement of the boom can be adjusted to control the reclaiming rate and the area covered, providing flexibility in operation.
Summary: The bucket-wheel stacker-reclaimer is a rail-mounted specialized bulk material handling equipment that combines stacking and reclaiming functions. Its advantages include large stacking and reclaiming capacity, small footprint in material yards, and ease of operation, making it widely utilized across various industries.


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